Cross Vermont Trail
"Mouth of the River" loop from Williston to Burlington.
Starting on Cross Vermont Trail route at the junction of Governor Chittenden Road
and North Williston Road; heading from east to west:
go for on at mile
S 2.85 Mountain View Road 0.00
R 0.52 Rte 2A 2.85
L 1.29 River Cove Road 3.37
S 1.74 road name changes to National Guard Ave; pass Muddy Brook Park; Williston/South Burlington town line. 4.66
R 0.51 Lime Kiln Rd 6.40
  pass Winooski Gorge Natural Area, bridge over Winooski River, South Burlington/Colchester town line 6.69
L 1.16 Rte 15 (Pearl St) 6.91
  pass Colchester/Winooski town line 7.34
  pass east trailhead for Winooski Nature Trail (loop, hiking only) 7.68
R 0.2 stay on Rte 15 (Pearl St) around traffic circle towards bridge over Winooski River 8.07
  pass west trailhead for Winooski Nature Trail (loop, hiking only) 8.2
  pass Winooski/Burlington city line on bridge 8.25
R 0.93 Riverside Ave Path (beside road) 8.27
  pass east trailhead for Salmon Hole Riverwalk (loop, hiking only) 8.28
R 1.4 Intervale Rd 9.2
  pass west trailhead for Salmon Hole Riverwalk (loop, hiking only) 9.25
L 1.32 Intervale Path (dirt surface, winds around farm fields) 10.6
  pass Ethan Allen Homestead historic site 11.91
R 0.44 Rte 127 path 11.92
L 0.96 Bridge over Rte 127, then paved path through Ethan Allen Park 12.36
R 0.22 North St 13.32
L 0.53 Leddy Park Rd 13.54
R 2.25 Burlington Waterfront Bike Path 14.07
  "Mouth of the River" where Winooski River empties into Lake Champlain 16.32
To complete the loop with Cross Vermont Trail, go back south on Waterfront Path, 4.07 miles beyond Leddy Park to Oakledge Park and western end of Cross Vermont Trail route.
S=straight, go forward
L=left, bear or turn left
R=right, bear or turn right
distances shown in miles (0.01 mile = about 50 feet)