Cross Vermont Trail
Wells River Village Loop
Starting on Cross Vermont Trail route at the Boltonville trailhead,
loop back to Connecticut River, heading generally from west to east:
go for on at mile
R 0.02 Rte 302 0.00
R 0.11 Boltonville Rd 0.02
R 0.70 Whitelaw Rd 0.13
L 0.53 to stay on Whitelaw Rd 0.83
R 1.19 Bayley-Hazen Rd 1.36
S 1.5 Bayley-Hazen Rd becomes Bible Hill Rd at Ryegate/Newbury town line 2.55
R 0.01 Water St 4.05
L 0.06 Schaeffer Hill Rd 4.06
  cross railroad tracks 4.09
R 0.26 turn to stay on Schaeffer Hill Rd (pass Randall Hill Rd) 4.12
L 0.23 bear left to stay on Schaeffer Hill Rd 4.38
  cross railroad tracks 4.57
  Rte 302 and eastern end of Cross Vermont Trail statewide route 4.61
S=straight, go forward
L=left, bear or turn left
R=right, bear or turn right
distances shown in miles (0.01 mile = about 50 feet)