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woman holding pickmattock   Building The Cross Vermont Trail
2008 Spring, Summer, and Fall!
We had a long trail building season in 2008 and tackled projects statewide along the the length of the trail. Here are photos of work completed by the enthusiasm of many trail building volunteers from U-32 Central School, Youth Service Bureau, East Montpelier Trails, Community Connections, UVM, Middlebury College, Richmond Trails Committee,and by Vermont teenagers who sign up to work with the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps.

A big thanks goes out to the VT Agency of Transportation, the VT Watershed Grants (that's their logo at right), the VT Recreation Trails Fund, the Lake Champlain Basin Program, the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission, the Fields Pond Foundation, the Volunteers for Peace, and the American Hiking Society for their continuing support.
  logo of Vermont Watershed Grants
We've got more volunteer trailwork days coming up - click HERE to find out more.

Richmond Volunteers in Richmond made a big push this year and finished off the work needed to open the "Johnnie Brook Trail".They built a long boardwalk and many hundreds feet more of "turnpike" with gravel tread and drainage ditches and have declared it the newest addition to the interconnected state wide Cross Vermont Trail network.
volunteers build boardwalk digging to prepare new trail tread finished gravel trail with side ditch
volunteer looks at bridge dumping gravel from wheelbarrow view of field and mountains from trail
East Montpelier We finished an important phase of our ongoing project in East Montpelier this year - installing checkdams and stone rip rap to control erosion caused by runoff from the nearby highway, and then spanning the gullies with trail bridges.
volunteers build checkdam in gully VYCC crew puts rails on bridge
checkdams and stone rip rap in gully VYCC crew building bridge
Plainfield Another new section of Cross Vermont Trail has opened in Plainfield - along the historic route of the Montpelier-Wells River Railroad to the west of Country Club Road. The railbed was grown in with brush and also very muddy because the old railroad drainage ditches had all filled in. And in the past a large amount of trash was dumped along the railbed. VYCC crews and CVTA volunteers hauled out the trash, dug out the ditches, and installed fresh gravel surface on the railgrade.
volunteer digs drainage ditch VYCC crew with garbage picked up from along trail
VYCC corpsmember on muddy trail finished tread
VYCC crew gravelling tread
Groton CVTA is working together with the Town of Groton to make the old Montpelier-Wells River Railroad in the town work better for bicycles. As elsewhere along the railroad, the original ditches have filled in, and also the historic granite culverts have begun to suffer serious damage from tree roots growing into the set stones and breaking them apart. The result is water running down the middle of the trail, making a rough surface not useable by bicycles. CVTA volunteers and the VYCC dug out ditches, cleared trees and grubbed out the stumps around the granite culverts then rebuilt portions of the culverts that had come apart.
volunteers carrying tools to work site volunteer winches stump from granite culvert
volunteer digs drainage ditch damaged granite culvert washed out trail tread
VYCC crew digs ditch to fix washout

Updated May 22, 2009