2021 Long Tour Results
(self reported).
John Basa3:44:12
Brian Lavigne3:46:52 (moving)
2014 Long Tour Results (partial).
Bruce Bell4:12
John Bertelsen6:45
Steve Bolduc4:12
Bob Bortree5:05
Tom Curchin5:26
Tim Flynn5:15
John Funk4:12
John Hollar5:15
Ann Howard5:05
Jeff Little6:35
Matt and David Moody6:07
Jeff Mullen5:40
Frank Muller5:05
Joel Page4:27
Julia Pritchard5:10
Eric Scharnberg5:07
John Schwarz4:27
Mike Strauch5:40
Tony Williams5:22
Rachel Wood4:50
2013 Long Tour Results (partial).
Kip Roberts 3:49
Stephen Wright 3:54
Steve Bolduc 3:56
Joel Page 4:01
Marc Hopkins 4:02
Jenny Wojewoda 4:16
Julia Sperry 4:27
Jill Aspinall 5:24
Emilie Muller 5:42
2012 Long Tour Results (partial).
Miller, Sheldon 3:47:17
Voisin, Heather 3:53:06
Brewer, Andrew 3:59:42
Gilbert, Andrew 4:09:25
Kimberly, Jay 4:09:27
Stephani, Jay 4:09:32
Page, Joel 4:10:31
Frisbie, Seth 4:13:42
George, Randy 4:29:44
Grennon, Frank 4:44:41
Herder, Brad 4:46:30
Emery, Daniel 4:47:35
Hurlburt, Noah 4:48:25
Clark, Jeff 4:48:27
Fontanilles, John 4:48:28
Sperry, Julia 4:50:44
VanDerlip, Aaron 4:50:46
Flynn, Tim 4:59:49
Black, Aaron 5:08:02
Schmeltzer, Jeff 5:13:52
Curchin, Thomas 5:16:53
Rivard, Sharon 5:28:06
Osborne, Bob 5:28:10
Rivard, Dan 5:28:13
Ramsdell, Linda 5:28:15
Stone, Chip 6:01:57
Slopey, Brian 6:01:58
Lazenby, John 6:01:59
Shurlow, Scott 6:15

Please note, timing is
non-scientific, non-competitive, and
subject to bantering.

Sunday - June 25, 2023

"I did the Central VT ride last summer. It was one of the coolest and most challenging rides I did all year (I did about 15 gravel grinders last year). I’ll be back again this year! Awesome event!" ~ John Spinney, QT2 Systems Training Specialist and Ultra Coach

It's a classic ~ among the best one day bike tour routes in New England. Mountain vistas backdrop farmers haying in the fields. White steepled churches, historic barns. Waterfalls and lakes. The scenery is unbroken. And you are free to concentrate on the beauty because it is a fully supported ride with convenient food stops, well marked courses, and nationally certified bike patrol on duty. All wrapping up with a hearty, homestyle, picnic dinner. We invite you to join us next June at Morse Farm in East Montpelier, Vermont.

Take a slideshow tour of the event. Or scroll through all our FACEBOOK photo album. And check out 2016 photos from rider David Alden-St. Pierre.

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A great gang of volunteers.
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Schedule on Event Day

7:30 AM
Sign in opens. Start your ride
anytime from 8 - 10.
9:30 AM
Sign in closes.
10:30 AM
Picnic lunch starts and
runs all afternoon.
4:30 PM
Course closes.

Contact Us Anytime

Mailing Address:
Cross Vermont Trail Association
PO BOX 116
Montpelier, VT 05601

Print Info

Download event information brochure and paper registration form as a PDF file (150 K).

Helping to Create a Family Friendly Greenway Across Vt!

The Central Vermont Cycling Tour started in 2002, as the EcoTour. And we still ride in support of healthy, active kids.

The tour is a fundraiser for the Cross Vermont Trail Association. We are working to build community paths - connecting
neighborhoods, schools, and parks - with the ultimate goal of a connected statewide network.

You are helping get kids (and all of us, frankly) off of the shoulder of Rte 2 and onto a path in the woods, in East Montpelier. Finally the pieces are coming together for miles of new trail and bridge over the Winooski River. It's going to be a big job - and a great trail!