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The Cross Vermont Trail is a project to build a multi-use, four season path across the width of Vermont; following the Winooski River and Wells River valleys.

The trail is connecting together communities, their schools, and the natural areas between. You can help! The Cross Vermont Trail Association is an incorporated, private non-profit, member based and volunteer driven. Everyone is welcome to join.


Along the Cross Vermont Trail:

Central Vermont Cycling Tour

June 26, 2016

A scenic, fun group bike ride and cookout - raising money to help build the Cross Vermont Trail.

register + details


Run away and join the trail crew.

We're signing folks up now who want to work in June, July or August.

Back country crew runs for three weeks in August. You can register through our partner organizations Volunteers for Peace and the American Hiking Society. Or LOCAL FOLKS - give us a call directly to find about joining in with the crew. Meet people from all over the country and the world, and hone those technical trailbuilding chops.

And the Americorps Outdoor Leadership and Land Stewardship position is a chance to spend 3 months making a real difference in the world that you can see, while earning money for college. Apply through our partner organization the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board.

Spread the word. These are great "gateway" opportunities for people wanting to build their camping, trailbuilding or outdoor leadership skills. Maybe you know someone looking to pad their college resume? We write great references! (But not till next Fall when the work is all done.)

Spend a week, a month, or all summer helping out on the trail!

Our Keystone Project

We're getting the Cross Vermont Trail off the shoulder of Rte 2 and onto a path in the woods - in East Montpelier.

Finally, the pieces are all coming together. We're aiming to build miles of new trail and a big bridge over the Winooski River.
It's going to be pretty cool. Learn more.

We're raising $250,000
in local donations to get the job done.

fundraising thermometer

Make a donation.

In the news . . .

Some feature articles about
the dream of the Cross Vermont Trail.

(Articles open as PDF's.)


May 23, 2016

Signs, benches and trail info doodads are now in place behind the Waterbury State Office Complex. We even saved from the storm the big old Greenpath signs and have them back in action - 23 years and counting!

Another post Irene item checked off the list. Just a couple more big ones to go, should have news on these others shortly.

trail in meadow

May 8, 2016

Got a chance to watch some of the kayak slalom-ing on the Winooski just downstream from the hydro dam in East Montpelier. Pretty neat, especially when they have to spin around and come back through a gate paddling upstream.

Once the Winooski River bridge and new trail are built, people could have a front row seat for this annual event from the Cross Vermont Trail.

kayaker kayaker kayaker

May 5, 2016

Green Up the rail trail - in the Afternoon!

2 PM on Saturday. After all the boring road side stuff is done, we're meeting at Kettle Pond in Groton State Forest, on Rte 232. Working up and down the railbed from there.

Bring a bike if you like, we can shuttle folks back to cars if needed.

Trip Report:

Nice day, trail looks in pretty good shape. Last year we finished clearing old trash from the "traditional" dump sites, and nothing new has been added since then - hurray! This year, just a steady stream of beer cans and bottles, with the occasional empty pack of Maverick cigarettes. Filled a 30 gallon contractor bag from Stillwater Brook west to Marshfield Depot.

Except - once more the return of "blue tarp asphalt shingles guy." I'm just assuming it's a guy. Whoever, they neatly bundle shingles in knotted blue tarps then slide them down steep banks off the railbed. Why steep spots? It'd be much easier to clean if they tossed things down gradual banks. So it goes.

Also noticed that the beaver dam west of Lanesboro has gotten taller than the railbed. Pretty dramatic. Some water leaking through and puddling on the bed. Aren't beavers supposed to compulsively patch those leaks? Perhaps we need more industrious beavers, more tenacious and committed. Perhaps public shaming will motivate them.

April 21, 2016

Gearing up for Spring.

bicycle lawn mower

February 7, 2016

Helping to spread the word that there's a football game on tv today.

And then, later in the week, a public brainstormimg meeting to look at the draft "active transportation" plan for the Mad River Valley. Whose up for thinking of ways to move the Cross Vt Trail off of Rte 2, in Moretown?

MRV Moves Pubic Meeting/Workshop February 11, 2016 at 6:00 pm — 8:00 pm Waitsfield United Church of Christ, 4335 Main St, Waitsfield.

Connect with the planning process at: mrvmoves.org/.

February 7, 2016

So, another year with no Bears in the Super Bowl, leaving me plenty of time to spend absorbing transportation statistical studies. 1985 was such a high water mark for many reasons. But, now it's time to think about the future.

Vermont's Transportation Board has just released a report entitled "The Decline of Driving."

* Nationally, historically, from 1945 to 2008, miles driven per year always went up in the US, but since then, have gone consistently down, while biking, walking and public transit use have all increased.
*And, even bigger headline, this trend is greater in Vermont than the national average, even though we're a rural state, with winters (most years).

But MY HEADLINE — after digging into the report — is that $4 per gallon gas and the great recession are not the only reason for the decline in driving during this period. It's a big reason, sure. However, the report cites UVM's Transportation Research Center as saying that we can add to it another, underlying reason — an actual change in the underlying preferences people in Vermont have for how we want to get around. (This is the "maybe we've got ourselves our movement" takeaway, fingers crossed.)

Synthesizing all these studies, seeing the big picture; it's starting to look like progress. Now, let's see how we can do on 3rd down conversions.

More about Transportation Board and full text of the report: tboard.vermont.gov/

And link to many more studies at UVM Transportation Research Center (who knew there was such a thing?): www.uvm.edu/trc

Report Cover Page

January 23, 2016

Blog post for a snowy evening. The Perfect Fatbike Overnight from the folks at Bike Recycle Vt/Old Spokes Home. I really like the writing in this one.

Interested in making your own perfect fat bike trip? Get all the info on what trails are open: State of Vt official winter fatbiking maps.

January 21, 2016

Are you nosey?

We've made a resolution to spend this year carrying out a state wide count of how many people are using trails in the Cross Vermont network - using special scientific methodologies (aka, pencil and paper).

Interested to hang out at a trailhead for a few hours at some point this year? With a clipboard and (optional) a white lab coat? Give a call to learn more!

Or if you prefer more vigor in your volunteering, join in some trail clearing. We're headed out weekly this winter, to cut back brush and clear blowdowns.

See more details about all our volunteer opportunities.

January 1, 2016

First Day Hike 2016: a beautiful hike up Spruce Mountain in Plainfield. We saw Noyes Pond through the misty snow swirls and we had a quick lunch on top. We heard chickadees and golden crowned kinglets. We saw red and gray squirrels and the tracks of ruffed grouse and deer.

hikers in snow

December 27, 2015

At least solstice was snowy. Been trail building right up to the end of the year.

puncheon frame turnpike base trail in snow

November 30, 2015

"Give Thanks" says the hat. Pretty good hat. Norwich University students helped out again this Fall, taking time from their Thanksgiving break to build erosion control check dams on conserved land along the Cross Vt Trail corridor. "Kapow - take THAT erosion!"

hat says give thanks volunteer group

November 23, 2015

Working up some small bridges on the East Montpelier Trail - and an appetite (just in time on both counts).

volunteers cuts lumber bridge frame putting deck on bridge

November 13, 2015

Making some turnpike on the East Montpelier Trail near Mallory Brook, thanks to Norwich University "day of service" participants.

volunteers carry gravel volunteers place rock on trail newly made gravel trail

October 20, 2015

Cold Brook Path officially opens to four season non-motorized use, in Marshfield. Full size map.

trailhead sign

September 23, 2015

National Community Conservation Corps ("the New Civilian Conservation Corps") spent two weeks helping out on the trail in September. Many thanks to the Raven One NCCC crew out of Baltimore - just like the original CCC Boys, but with more earrings I suspect.

NCCC crew on Cross Vt Trail NCCC crew stains fence NCCC crew cuts honeysuckle NCCC crew digs drainage NCCC crew rolls boulder NCCC crew on finished trail

August 31, 2015 (after dark)

And a parting shot from volunteer April Copeland - Kettle Pond beneath starry skies.

pond at night

August 31, 2015

Photos from this summer's trail crew volunteers. Working to make the spur trail between the Montpelier-Wells River Trail Trail and Kettle Pond. Thanks everyone!

volunteer takes photo two people work on trail volunteers move boulder trail in woods sticks trick

July 30, 2015

Once more to the breach on the rail trail in Groton, south of Rickers Mill. Now, with more smooth.

wash out on trail sledge hammering rock dump truck repaired trail

July 13, 2015

Thanks to the strong Vermont Youth Conservation Corps crew upgrading the Telephone Line Trail in Groton State Forest! They've just wrapped on 3 weeks of great work.

Folks from CVTA helped support the crew, in our ongoing effort to be a part of the partnership helping to build out the multi-use trail network in the State Forest, of which the Cross Vermont Trail on the railbed is a central piece. We'll be out there more in August and September. Local volunteers can make a difference by joining in for as little as a few hours - give a call to learn more . . .

trail crew smiling

July 12, 2015

Pleasant day at the Central Vt Cycling Tour "sun date". See you next year for the return of the big event, June 26, 2016!

woman in CVTA t shirt kids on bikes biker with ice cream

June 25, 2015

Fixing "the puddle" south of Rickers Mill, yesterday.

At Milepost 12 on the Montpelier - Wells River Railroad (which is a little over 12.5 miles from WR on the XVT cue sheet, Map #3).

dump truck gravel trail granite milemarker

June 17, 2015

Popped up along the trail this week. If it's not in the Vermont Invasive Exotic Plant Fact Sheet Series, I'll be at a loss to identify.

flowering plant flower

June 11, 2015

Prizes announced for big (little) drawing at 6/28 Central Vermont Cycling Tour and CVTA Annual Mtg.

Prize drawing open to all riders and picnickers and cheerers on:

Four season unlimited trail family pass at Kingdom Trails.

Gift Certificates
Sarducci's Italian Restaurant, Montpelier.
Skinny Pancake, Montpelier.
Positive Pie, Montpelier.
Caledonia Spirits, Hardwick.

And free registrations for upcoming bike tours.
Champlain Islands Bike Tour, 7/11/15.
Champ's Challenge for Cystic Fibrosis, 7/19/15.

Drawing is at 2 PM. You don't need to be present to win, so ride at your own pace, content in the knowledge that a prize MAY be awaiting you at the finish line. Or a consolation piece of blueberry pie, either way.

barn and mountains

June 5, 2015

National Trails Day on the Cross Vermont Trail
Saturday June 6, 2015; 9 - Noon.

Two exciting locations for your location excitement twoness.

PLAINFIELD: Meet at the Park and Ride in the village, and we'll car pool to work site from there.

NEWBURY: Wells River Conservation Area Trails. Meet at Blue Mt. Union, and we'll walk down to the trails from there.

Plus, you know, it's national - lots of options. www.nationaltrailsday.org.

Or maybe you want to change things up and enjoy a quiet NTD at home without all the decorations and commercialization? Want to simplify? Come out on a different Saturday morning instead - we'll be working all summer - give a call to find out where each week.

May 29, 2015

View of Camels Hump from bike path in South Burlington; beneath the moons of Mars.

chalk drawing on paved path

May 23, 2015

Freshly graded trail in Groton State Forest, season officially opens. Thanks to folks at Vt State Parks!

I was second person to make tracks here yesterday. They used to say no one remembers second place, but that was before the internet.

trail in woods

May 11, 2015

It's Summer.

(Seen today while hanging posters for this year's Central Vermont Cycling Tour - at the Adamant Coop, a stop on the tour.)

thermometer with notes written on it bulk food at coop store

May 3, 2015

"No Parking - street cleaning" says the sign on Lanesboro Rd. Even a joke sign is right once a year.

Beautiful sunny Green Up Day with Cross Vermont Trail folks yesterday in Groton, Peacham and Marshfield.

street cleaning sign on dirt rd trail bridge in forest

April 30, 2015

Green Up Day on XVT.

It'll be like on of those trendy gravel grinders, but slower, and with trash bags. And slower.

Meet Saturday May 2, 9 AM at Kettle Pond in Groton State Forest. We'll work our way up the railbed west towards Marshfield.

woman organizes Green Up Day

April 26, 2015

215 riders at the Muddy Onion.

Fun time today, big crowd!

group of bike riders

April 4, 2015

Muddy Onion Spring Classic Gravel Grinder.

Just a few weeks away! (Hopefully things don't dry out by then. Or stay frozen. This is a real Scylla and Charybdis.) April 26, starting in Montpelier. A 34-mile, supported bike ride with plenty of beautiful views and beautiful climbs. It's a fund raiser for Cross Vermont Trail "Build the Bridge!", and is being run by Onion River Sports. Full details at ORS.

biking on dirt road

March 14, 2015

Fun morning last Sunday at the First in Fitness indoor cycling marathon. We raised over $1,000 to help "Build the Bridge!" Folks were working hard, three hours without a downhill to coast on. But, it seemed to go by fast. I especially like that the music mix included one Waylon Jennings song. Next year I say let's just put on "Dreaming My Dreams" and let it play through? There's a little write up at the FIF Facebook page.

indoor cyclcists smiling more indoor cyclcists

February 24, 2015

Updated: Video posted to VPT website or on youtube.

See the VPT "Outdoor Journal" segment about the annual Cross Vermont Trail Foliage ride from Kettle Pond to Wells River, following a boy who rides the 15 mile section of the trail for the first time. (And, as I recall, had to take notes for a school paper about it as well. Let's see if that makes it into the clip. Notetaking is usually my favorite part.)

We're on TV tonight. That's the big time. Tuesday Feb 24 7:30 PM on Vermont Public Television's "Outdoor Journal".

The guys from VPT joined us last September for the Fall Foliage Tour. There was at least one epic crash caught on film I know; let's see if they can sneak that one past the insurance companies and get it on the air.

VPT logo

February 16, 2015

Big new map just published for trails in Richmond, put together by the town trail committee. You can get a real copy at the Richmond town offices, or we've posted up a pdf on the CVTA maps page.

richmond trails map

February 10, 2015

Ride For Bridge event poster

December 22, 2014

Celebrate the New Year in the fresh air!

Join us on a First Day Hike. We're meeting Jan 1, at 10 AM, at the parking area for the Long Trail on the Duxbury Road in Bolton - for an easy going, family friendly hike which will explore for glimpses of the little wonders of life in the winter forest.

For details, and for a listing of all the First Day hikes statewide, go to the Vt State Parks events calendar.

tracks in snow

December 7, 2014

Thursday, December 11 - Onion River Sports movie night at the Savoy in Montpelier. Proceeds to benefit the Cross Vt Trail. Thanks guys! Doors open at 5:30, movie rolls a little after 6 PM. Details: at the ORS Facebook.

November 22, 2014

Big night. Over 100 people gathered Saturday 11/22 and it was good time. We raised $14,000 to help "Build the Bridge." Good start!

Thank you to everyone, and please help spread the word . . .

November 14, 2014


November 3, 2014


You are cordially invited to the Cross Vermont Trail Association’s Build the Bridge Campaign kick-off at Vermont College of Fine Arts chapel; Saturday, November 22, at 6:30 p.m.

SEE the world’s best skiers and riders revel in Alaska’s most awe-inspiring terrain in the adventure film The Dream Factory produced by Teton Gravity Research.

WIN raffle prizes from Onion River Sports and Mad River Glen. Raffle tickets can be purchased during the evening.

SUPPORT the CVTA’s work to build a foot and bike bridge across the Winooski and extend the trail from Montpelier far into East Montpelier.

TASTE good food & drink: Refreshments will include a cash bar with beer from Three Penny Taproom, and light snacks of Vermont food specialties.

LISTEN: To some brief presentations about the bridge project.

$20 for adults, $10 for 16 and under, and $45 for a family of four.

The chapel is on the second floor of College Hall; the entrance faces College Avenue. Free parking available on the green or at any college lot. For more information, contact us any time.

September 27, 2014

Lakes and leaves. Burgers and cobbler.
Dragonfly Strong.

What a day for a foliage ride (and coleslaw powered celebration of the goal of stringing together trails to connect the full length of the Wells River.)

fall color reflected in lake riders on trail dragonfly strong

September 7, 2014

Many smiles at Montpelier Alive fair yesterday - it was fun to run the Dunk Tank, and to get a chance to spread the word a little more about building the bridge - tying the Montpelier bike path into the Cross Vermont Trail to East Montpelier, Groton, and across Vermont.

boy in dunk tank boy throwing ball

September 5, 2014

Last but not loafing in the summer 14 recap - many thanks to all the folks who camped out and spent several weeks making trail with us all during August. We took another swing at building out the multi-use trail network in Groton State Forest - it's really starting to come together there - the arc of history is long but it bends towards an awesome trail network. You can help - jump into an upcoming crew or give us a call about when your group or club might like to help out - I'll bet we can find a good project!

people with shovels

And happy to be tying a ribbon on some 2011 storm rebounding as well. We've spent the last few years partnered with East Montpelier Trails helping to recover the hard hit Mallory Brook Trail and the work there is now DONE. Justifying rare use of all caps, to boot. Thanks to all the helpers and trail crew members from: East Montpelier community, East Montpelier Troop #742, Spaulding, U32, Norwich University, Unitarian Church of Montpelier, Northfield Savings Bank, Volunteers for Peace, American Hiking Society, Green Mountain United Way, Vermont Youth Conservation Corps. See you on the trail! Photo gallery at Facebook, where else?.

stone stairs

Been a busy summer for volunteer projects. Happy to be returning, some of the time, to regular maintenance work, after scrambling on storm damage so much in recent years. Newbury Elementary School teachers helped stain a fence along the trail in Wells River. And folks from Northfield Savings Bank along with Green Mountain United Way provided some TLC for a fence along the trail corridor in East Montpelier.

people stain fence

Boy howdy that summer went by fast. The Central Vermont Cycling Tour last June was a big success happy to report - there was even some hula hooping in deed. More photos and informal results are posted at the event page. See you next year! Or sooner, perhaps - Fall Foliage Bike Ride is coming up Saturday September 27. Meeting at Kettle Pond, 9:30 AM for an easy going cruise on the rail trail followed by a cookout in Wells River.

bicyclists hula hoop

September 5, 2014

Montpelier Alive has asked us to run the Dunk Tank at their 15th anniversary party on State Street tomorrow. I think that means they trust us - to DUNK people. And sometimes that's enough? Anyway, looking forward to helping celebrate Downtown Montpelier, Sat Sept 6 starting 4:30 PM on State Street. It's a carnival.

CVTA will be 15 years old as well, in a couple months. One more year and we can drive (not that we want to.)

August 19, 2014

Summer volunteer trail crew season - in full swing.

women carrying tools

Shared stories
from trail journeys.

Read about the
trips folks have made
on the Cross Vermont Trail route.

Just finished your own journey?
Let us know what you saw!

totem pole

Guidebook to nature and history along the Cross Vermont Trail.

Look beneath the surface. Explore the landscape of the trail.

Download a copy. (PDF 14 MB)

(The nature and history guide is keyed to locations in the statewide route map set.)

The guide is written in part by local middle and high school students. We'd like to work with more classes to continue to improve and expand it.

See more details on
the big washout
in East Montpelier

(updated 7/15/2015).

Statewide flood
repair is ongoing.

Though the trail is
99% open after damage
from 2011 storms,
we will still be working
on permanent repairs
for some time to come.

Contact us to learn more.

What's up with the WSOC?

The Waterbury State Office Complex trails
have been opened back up to public.

The construction fences are down and
signs are being set on new trail alignments.
All should be up and running
[or biking or dog walking] during May 2016.

Check this page for final updates.

. . . and more in our news archive page.