(The science and history of the Boltonville section of the Wells River watershed)

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Five Consecutive Weeks on Tuesday and Wednesday
10 a.m. to 2 p.m. At Al-Lens Farm, Bolkum Rd. Newbury VT. 584-4077.
(We expect campers to attend all sessions or as many as possible.)

June 29-30:
River Water Monitoring. We will make weekly measurements of water flow and quality, fish and insects at several locations along the river.

July 6-7:
Power Dam (Electricity Generation). Explore how a power dam works and how it influences the river.

July 13-14:
Dairy Farm (Food Production). See cows and learn how they can influence the river.

July 20-21:
Landfill (Waste Disposal). Study an old landfill and investigate its relationship to the river.

July 27-28:
Interstate and Railroad (Transportation). Learn the history of these developments and how they affected the community.

BLUE is funded by a Vermont Watershed Grant and supported by
the White River Natural Resources Conservation District.